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This service is based in and dedicated to the Commonwealth of Dominica.
Here you can arrange everything you need for your 
Dominica vacation:-

private rentals including self contained villas, cottages and apartments
as well as the  regular hotels and guesthouses island-wide -
vehicle hire, scuba, whale-watch, guided bird + botany tours, hiking guides etc.
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We've been assisting visitors to Dominica since 1997
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2022 update  Please note that in 2015 and 2017 we endured disruptive climate events and
for much of 2020 to mid 2022 tourism was again impeded by Covid related lockdowns
and travel restrictions. As a result, many of the private rentals we previously offered for
short term holiday lets have been repurposed for long term lets.
We currently offer only 2 private rentals for short term lets. These are:-

          Tranquile Villa        Pete's Casa      

Note:-   this English speaking island is not to be confused with the  Dominican Republic 

         DOMINICA - the nature isle

Chaudiere Pool, Hampstead River, NE Dominica

Roseau from the sea
Freshwater Lake, Morne Trois Pitons National Park
Images of Dominica - Rainforest, Boiling Lake, Macoucherie River, Scotts Head, Pagayer Falls
some of Dominica's most common butterflies
many varieties of heliconia grow wild throughout Dominica
sorril, pawpaw, avocado
local birds - Green throated humming bird, bananaquit, yellow crowned night heron, grey kingbird
West coast sunset, Macoucherie, Dominica
Commonwealth of Dominica - the best kept secret in the Caribbean
Dominica is located in the Eastern Caribbean's chain of small islands location

The English speaking
Commonwealth of
(pronounced Domineeca), is located south of Antigua, Monserrat and Guadeloupe in the Eastern Caribbean.

ong regarded as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, it is truly a nature lovers dream... a mountain range with several peaks approaching 5,000ft. cloaked in tropical rainforest and lush vegetation. Dominica boasts a river for each day of the year. Waterfalls, lakes and thermal hot springs are in abundance.

Nature Island Destinations is based in
and dedicated to Dominica. To you, the visitor,
this service costs absolutely nothing to use.

Our aim, through the pages of this website and our personal service, is to make planning and booking your visit to Dominica not only easy, but fun, so that when you arrive, you don't waste any of your precious holiday time.

We'll guide you through a choice of places to stay, all personally inspected by Nature Island Destinations.
You'll learn all about how to get to Dominica, how to get about, where to go and what to see and do in our beautiful island paradise, where crime is scarce and locals tend to be friendly, polite and helpful to visitors.

We have provided features on what there is to enjoy whilst on vacation in Dominica - such things as scuba diving, whale and dolphin seafaris, birdwatching and botany tours with foresters, on our World Heritage Site - the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Rainforest Aerial Tram, the world's second largest Boiling Lake, Carnival in February, Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, a lot of which was filmed in Dominica...  and more.

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Introduction to the Commonwealth of Dominica
accommodation for visitors to Dominica
self catering private villa + apartment rentals in Dominica
getting to Dominica by air and sea
vehicle rental and tips on driving in Dominica
many things to do and see whilst visiting Dominica
birdwatching is a 'must' - 176 species - 2 parrots unique to Dominica
Dominica is a top rated scuba destination
afternoon boat excursion to see whales and dolphin - all year round
Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Dominica is home to the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world
read the comments of those we have aassisted whilst visiting Dominica

ferry routes
Dominica - regional location + inter-island ferry route

What's New
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video published on a short video by Michael Lees 10th July 2013
Dominica - uncut gem <^> by Michael Lees
video published on YouTube 21 Feb 2013
Carnival 2013 Roseau parades - click image to watch video

video published on YouTube 27 June 2013
Dominica's Jazz 'n Creole live music event ar Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park
constantly updated April 2015
May 2015 September  2013
read post vacation
accounts from many
share our visitors' experiences
of our visitors
to Dominica
1 bed apartment
extreme south west

Garvin's Apartment, SW Dominica - US$50 single US$60 double
great location for
snorkelling & scuba
upmarket riverside
eco lodge for 2
1 bed country eco cottage in tranquil location - only US$120 per night
on 3 acres bordering the  
Cacao River, Newfoundland
4 spacious apartments
with sea view
4 Apartments offering 7 double bedrooms close to capital
Morne Daniel, northern  
suburb of Roseau
October 2013
editorial for SAFE HAVEN property magazine

December 2013
12 minute YouTube video

Contents of this website

INTRODUCTION to the Commonwealth of DOMINICA
Site map
Getting to Dominica
What to do and see in Dominica
Birdwatching in Dominica
Scuba diving and whale watching from Dominica
VEHICLE HIRE + Dominica Road Map
CARNIVAL - colourful pictures of  the Roseau parades
Au-revoir dear Coco - A poem  (tragedy - environmental theme)
VIEWPOINT  (editorial on Dominica's future)
GUEST BOOK (Dominica vacation reflections from our visitors)
Morne Trois Pitons National Park - World Heritage Site
Rainforest Aerial Tram - a treetops experience
Dominica: The Eco-Tourism Island
Boiling Lake
Labour double - UK + Dominica elections, 5th May 2005
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - DEAD MAN'S CHEST
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - AT WORLD'S END   
Pirate Master - new reality TV show filmed in Dominica  
Once Upon A Time In The WEST, editorial, October 2013   


WHERE TO STAY in DOMINICA  (Island-wide accommodation)

Private VILLAS and APARTMENTS at various locations
FORT YOUNG HOTEL, Dominica's premier hotel, Roseau       
Where to stay in ROSEAU (Dominica's Capital)
Where to stay Around ROSEAU
Where to stay in the ROSEAU VALLEY
Where to stay in Dominica's forested, mountainous INTERIOR
Where to stay in the SOUTH of Dominica
Where to stay along Dominica's NORTH COAST
Where to stay along Dominica's EAST COAST
Where to stay along Dominica's mid to north WEST COAST
COFFEE RIVER COTTAGE sleeps 4, tranquil location near airport
LA TYE COTTAGE 2 X 2 bed apartments, near to Calibishie, NE coast
Private 2 bedroom cottage, Dublanc, NW coast
CASABLANCA  private 3 bed house for rent, mid west coast
VILLA VERDE Private 3 bedroom house, Salisbury, mid west coast

LOUIS VILLA Private 3 bedroom house, Salisbury, mid west coast

MARIE'S SEAVIEW APARTMENT 3 bedroomed, mid west coast
GITE DOMINIQUE  max. 5 person lodgings, mid west coast
PETINI LAYOU secluded guest cottage, mid west coast
PETE'S CASA  Luxury Villa with pool not far from Roseau
1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed not far from Roseau
Luxury apartment not far from Roseau 
with pool not far from Roseau
LENA'S APARTMENT 3 bed apartment not far from Roseau
EMERALD COTTAGE Private 3 bedroom house not far from Roseau
CHERRY ORCHARD APARTMENT  2 bedroomed, Roseau Valley
KAICHE 3 bedroomed country villa, Roseau Valley
COMFORT HOUSE Castle Comfort, 3 bed apartment, near 3 dive centres
  Wallhouse, 2 bed apartment, near 3 dive centres
CROTON COTTAGE  Wallhouse, 2 bed villa, near 3 dive centres
HARMONY VILLA  Luxury 4 bed villa, secluded mid interior
BANANALAMA COTTAGE  Upmarket riverside eco lodge, east Dominica
GINGER LILY COTTAGE  2 bed cottage above the south east coast
GALLION-ON-SEA  2 bed waterfront cottage, Soufriere Bay
GARVIN'S APARTMENT 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head  
DEAUX-LA-MERS AP'T (2 bed) + bedsit flat, Scotts Head
Private 2 bedroom house, Scotts Head

Sisserou Parrot - unique to Dominica
Contact us to book your accommodation in DOMINICA or for further information.
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Commonwealth of Dominica,
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Jacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica

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