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The 2015 Roseau Carnival parades will be
held on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th February
The 2014 Roseau Carnival parades were
held on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March


Carnival 2013 Roseau parades - click image to watch video
The Roseau
Carnival street parades on Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th February
2013 were most enjoyable. The colourful array of costumes were a sight to behold
and the stilt walkers seem to get taller by the year. The queen (Miss Dominica)
contestants were amazing, steel pan band exceptional and this years calypso songs
were vibrant and uplifting. We took a little video of the Tuesday parades which
we hope you will share with us and enjoy.

The month of February is a busy and enjoyable time in Dominica during the build up to Carnival
with such events as the Calypso Tents where contestants entertain the crowds whilst selecting 
the finalists for the Calypso King competition held at the Roseau Stadium. Another big event is 
the Carnival Queen contest, along with Carnival Princess, Teenage Pageant etc. You will see 
partying and street jump-ups throughout the month all over the island, leading up to the Roseau 
Carnival street parades, which in 2011 fell on Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th March.

hilst the main event is happening in our tiny capital, many of the villages around the island are 
enjoying their own Carnival celebrations. In 2009 we featured one of these instead - 
at the west coast village of Salisbury.

  images courtesy of Salisbury resident, Josephus Scotland  

Salisbury website Salisbury now boasts its very own website, Bawi Link-up,
containing such items as chat, history, personalities, events, photos, forums, entertainment and the latest local news.

Villa Verde Where to stay in Salisbury
3 bedroomed self contained villa.
For further details click on image.

Carnival fell early in 2008, with the Roseau parades climax taking place on 4th & 5th Ferbruary
Roseau Carnival
                  parades, 4th February 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean 'Dead Man's Chest' -
                      filmed in Dominica




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Tree tops
Where to Stay
in Roseau

Fort Young Hotel
Sutton Place Hotel
Garraway Hotel
Eve Green
Symesze Guesthouse
Saint James' Guesthouse

Where to Stay
around Roseau 

Anchorage Hotel (+Dive Centre)
Castle Comfort Lodge

(Dive Dominica)
Croton Cottage
Emerald Cottage
Evergreen Hotel
Itassi Cottages
Lena's Apartment
Pete's Casa, luxury
villa with pool
Sisserou Lodge
Tranquile Villa
Wallhouse Apartment

Where to Stay
in the
Roseau Valley 
& Laudat

Cherry Orchard Apartment
Chez Ophelia
Cocoa Cottage

Roseau Valley Hotel
Mountain Lodge
Symeszee Villas

country villa from
                                        US$100 per night

Where to Stay
in the south

Castille Paradise
Deaux La Mers

Gallette Cottage
Gallion on Sea
Herche's Place
Oceanview Apartments
Petit Coulibri

Where to Stay
in the interior
Harmony Villa

Hibiscus Valley Inn
Floral Gardens
Layou River Hotel
Layou Valley Inn
Vena's Paradise
Rainforest Cottages
Pineapple Crossing

Rainbow Village
3 Rivers Eco Lodge

Where to Stay
along the
north & mid 
west coast
(north to south)

Brandy Manor

Picard Beach Cottages

Villa Oceane


Villa Verde


Gite Dominique

Marie's Seaview Apartmen
Caribbean Sea View Holiday Apartments

Morning Bird Apartments

Petini Layou

Where to Stay along the 
north facing north east coast
(west to east)

Blenheim Estate

Windblow Estate
Calibishie Lodges

Dominica's Sea View Apartments
Pointe Baptiste


Red Rock Haven

Hodges View Cottage

Sunrise Gardens

Coffee River Cottage

Where to Stay along the
east coast
(north to south)

Coffee River Cottage

Ginger Lily Cottage

Jungle Bay Resort




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208 Carnival 2002 209 Carnival 2002 Carnival 2002





All accommodation rates quoted by Nature Island Destinations Ltd. are 
in US$ and include VAT where applicable and any service charge (typically 10%).

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Sisserou Parrot - unique to Dominica
to book accommodation or for further information
contact us by email or tel: (767) 449 6233
Nature Island Destinations Ltd.
P.O. Box 1639,      Roseau,
Commonwealth of Dominica,
West Indies
Jacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica


Oct 2013 editorial for SAFE HAVEN property magazine

Dominica and our Global Environment

Safehaven Real Estate, based in and dedicated to Dominica

examples of private, furnished accommodation available for short term holiday rental
-Coffee River Cottages, NE Dominica - from US$100 per night for 2 persons--Hodges View Cottage, currently unavailable--North East - Sunrise Gardens, Calibishie, from US$80 per night--La Tye Cottage, Woodford Hill, near Calibishie, NE Dominica - from US$60.00 per night--North West - 2 bed cottage with sea view - available again from 1st June 2015-
-Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night--3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night--mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 2 bed accommodation for max 5 persons 65 per night-
1 + 2 bed apartments, mid west coast, from US$80 per night--cottage annex on private estate, mid west coast - US$70 per night--Tranquility in style - in the cool, forested mountains.--South West - 4 bed villa from US$160 per night--South West 4 bed villa from US$160 per night-
Martin's Suite, Morne Daniel US$105.00 per night--Springdale Apartments, Morne Daniel from US$80.00 per night--3 bed apartment near Roseau from US$80.00 per night--3 bed villa, Canefield East, from US$70 per night--2 bed apartment, Roseau Valley, from US$50 per night- -Roseau Valley 2 bed cottage bordering stream US$150.00 per night--1 bed country eco cottage only US$120 per night--East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night--Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night--South West, 2 bed villa near 3 dive centres from US$70.00 per night-
Soufriere Bay - waterfront cottage - from US$60 per night--Garvin's Apartment - 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head, US$50 single, US$60 double--Scotts Head - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night--Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night--2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night-
most of the above offer attractive discounts for extended stays. Click on image for rates, details


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