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Where to Stay
in Roseau

Fort Young 

Sutton Place Hotel

Garraway Hotel

Narakiel's Inn

Eve Green Apartment

Symesze Guesthouse

Saint James' Guesthouse

Where to Stay
around Roseau

Accommodation Wallhouse

Anchorage Hotel (+Dive Centre)

Angie's Hideaway

Castle Comfort Lodge
(Dive Dominica)

Comfort House

Croton Cottage

Emerald Cottage


Itassi Cottages

Lena's Apartment

Pete's Casa

luxury villa
with pool

Sisserou Lodge

Wallhouse Apartment


Where to Stay
Roseau Valley
& Laudat

Cherry Orchard Apartment

Chez Ophelia

Cocoa Cottage



country villa

Rainforest Shangri-La

Roseau Valley

Roxy's Mountain


Where to Stay
in the south

Deaux La Mers

Castille Paradise

Gallion on Sea

Ocean View Apartments

Petit Coulibri

Windsor Villa


Where to Stay
in the interior

Brandy Manor

Valley Inn

Floral Gardens


Layou River

Valley Inn

Harmony Villa

Vena's Paradise


Rainbow Village
Rosalie Forest
Eco Lodge


.Where to Stay
along the
north & mid
west coast
(north to south)

Heaven's Best

Brandy Manor

Des Champ

Picard Beach Cottages

Villa Oceane


Lauro Club

Villa Verde

Louis Villa


Gite Dominique

Marie's Seaview Apartment

Caribbean Sea View Holiday Apartments

Morning Bird

Petini Layou

Where to Stay along the 
north facing north east coast
(west to east)

Blenheim Estate

Windblow Estate

Calibishie Lodges

Dominica's Sea View Apartments

Point Baptiste

Red Rock Haven

Hodges View Cottage

Sunrise  Gardens

La Tye Cottage

Coffee River


Where to Stay along the east coast
(north to south)

Coffee River

Rosalie Bay Resort

Rosalie Forest
Eco Lodge

Ginger Lily

Jungle Bay


Private, furnished accommodation available for holiday rental
Coffee River Cottage, NE Dominica - on special offer

North East - Sunrise Gardens, near Calibishie, from US$80.00 per night

LaTye Cottage, Woodford Hill, near Calibishie, from US$70 per night

Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night

3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night

mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night

Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night

1 + 2 bed apartments, mid west coast, from US$80 per night

cottage on private estate, mid west coast - annex @ US$70 per night

South West - 4 bed villa from US$160 per night

Martin's Suite, Morne Daniel US$105.00 per night

Springdale Apartments, Morne Daniel from US$80.00 per night

South West 4 bed villa from US$160 per night

3 bed villa, Canefield East, from US$70 per night

Tranquility in style - in the cool, forested mountains.

2 bed apartment, Roseau Valley, from US$50 per night

East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night

Sisserou Lodge - in the hills behind Roseau US$175 per night

Comfort House, near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica - from US$85 per night

South West, 2 bed villa from US$70.00 per night

Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night

Southernmost West Coast - waterfront cottage from US$60 per night

Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night

Garvin's Apartment - Scotts Head from US$50 per night

Extreme South West - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night

2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night

most of the above offer attractive discounts for extended stays

Dominica's premier hotel,


Where to stay in Dominica
along the NORTH COAST




 North Coast
The north facing north east coast, whilst facing the Atlantic Ocean, is nevertheless fairly sheltered from the prevailing easterly winds. There are many sheltered coves and inlets, some of which are suitable for snorkelling, relatively secluded white sand beaches and several estuaries suitable for freshwater bathing. The village of Calibishie, central to this area, has a small selection of restaurants and stores. For those wishing to stay at several locations around the island, this is a sensible starting point, due to its proximity to our main airport at Melville Hall, thus avoiding a long drive or taxi journey across the island after what may have been a long and tiring flight. Some of the more secluded areas of this coastline were used by Walt Disney as locations for filming parts of the second and third 'Pirates of the Caribbean' blockbuster films - Dead Man's Chest & At World's End. This stretch of coastline is in easy reach is Dominica's second largest town, Portsmouth, just north of which you may enjoy the Cabrits National Park, with its Welcome Centre, several nature trails and the ruins of Fort Shirley, parts of which have been or are being restored. To the south of Portsmouth flows the tranquil Indian River, accessed by rowing boat only. Around and to the north of the Cabrits peninsular is a marine reserve, beyond which are some sunken wrecks. Scuba is catered for by a dive centre located at Picard, a mile or so to the south of Portsmouth.

Hampstead Beach


All accommodation rates quoted by Nature Island Destinations Ltd. are displayed in US$ 
and indicate 5% Gov't tax and any service charges levied by our suppliers (typically 10%).

Please note that on March 1st, 2006, 5% hotel occupancy tax was replaced by 10% VAT 
15% VAT replaces 7.5% consumption tax applied to goods and services 
such as meals, drinks, vehicle hire etc.


Blenheim Estate Guesthouse  :  Windblow Estate  :  Calibishie Lodges
Dominica's  Sea View Apartments
  :  Point Baptiste Guesthouse  :  Red Rock Haven
 Hodges View Cottage  :  Sunrise Gardens  :  La Tye Cottage  :  Coffee River Cottage


NOTE - currently closed for renovation and remodelling
completion not expected soon 

  Blenheim Estate Guesthouse

Location:           North East Coast. A few hundred yards along the Vielle Casse road running north from the Portsmouth/East Coast road.
Brief Description:   An old estate house of timber construction, well maintained in it's original character. Secluded location on a 500 acre estate.
Generous "L" shaped veranda where guests may relax or take their meals. 
There are two rooms available for guests. Bedroom 1, accessed from veranda, has en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. Bedroom 2 has an iterconnecting door with Bedroom 1, unlocked when the 2 rooms are let as a suite. All rooms have fan and insect screens. Telephone may be used on request. The immediate grounds are attractive and well tended. French islands Guadeloupe, Les Saints and Marie Gallant can be clearly seen across the Guadeloupe Channel and to the south west, Morne Trois Pitons accross the forest canopy. Garden fruit freely available. A ten minute walk to the beach, 15 minute walk to river and 5 minute walk to main road (Portsmouth 6 miles, Calibishi 8 miles, Melville Hall Airport 18 miles). Vehicle hire recommended.
Room Rates (US$):  fully inclusive
Bedroom 1 (with en-suite + kitchenette) 
      Summer (1 May - 30 Nov)            $75.00 
      Winter (1 Dec - 30 April)          $85.00 
Bedrooms 1 & 2 (suite) all year         $100.00 
Minimum stay 3 days. Every 7th day free

                                                          us < Click here to book Blenheim Estate Guesthouse  or for further information


Windblow Estate

Location:           1 mile west of Calibishie village, NE coast.
Brief Description:---A modern 3 storey apartment block completed in December 1999, set on a ridge with an aspect towards the Atlantic Ocean. A high, breezy location where air conditioning is not necessary, enjoying views both of the sea and forest. Three apartments - all have a fully equipped kitchen cum Lounge/ Dining Area, bathroom, ceiling fans, insect screens, tiled floors and a generous balcony with sea view. Two apartments have one bedroom, the third two bedrooms and two bathrooms, one en-suite, and a wrap-around balcony facing north and east. Each bedroom has one double bed. Futon available to sleep up to 2 additional persons in each cottage. In the gardens are two barbeque facilities, each by a concrete table with bench seats. A caretaker/ security person resides on the property in a separate building. A 15 minute walk to the nearest beach. Reached via an unsurfaced road - vehicle hire (4x4) recommended. Portsmouth 12 miles, Melville Hall Airport 12 miles).
Rates (US$)--fully inclusive
--------High Season - Dec 1 - May 31
        One bedroom Apartment    $110.00 per day
        Two bedroom Apartment    $135.00 per day
--------Low Season - Jun 1 - Nov 30
        One bedroom Apartment     $80.00 per day
        Two bedroom Apartment     $90.00 per day
--------* every 7th night free

                                                          us < Click here to book Windblow Estate or for further information


 .....................Calibisie Lodges

Location:---------Calibishie, NE coast.
Brief Description:--A small and intimate guest resort at the eastern edge of Calibishi Village, completed in September 2001, comprising three two storey bungalows, each floor being a self contained flat with bedroom and lounge with double bed settee, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and balcony with north westerly aspect towards forested hillslopes behind Calibishi. Bathrooms in top units have bath and shower, those in GF units have shower only. Each unit has ceiling fans, insect screened windows, hanging bed nets and television. Telephone calls may be made from the office. Restaurant, Bar, Swimming pool. Small boat available for short excursions. Calibishi's stores, cafe and beach are just a short walk. A 10 minute walk east lies the Grand Baptiste Bay and beyond that, Hodges Bay, good for snorkelling. Proximity to Melville Hall makes this a convenient spot to commence your stay if you arrive late in the day and wish to avoid a long drive or taxi ride across the island as soon as you arrive. Portsmouth 14 miles, Melville Hall Airport 10 miles.
Note:- each apartment can accommodate up to 4 persons.
Rates (US$):--fully inclusive
-----  ---------------------Rates updated October 2008
-----  ---------------------Same price all year
   First Floor apartment    $145.00 per day
   Ground Floor apartment   $125.00 per day
   The above rates are for 1 or 2 persons (without meals)
   each additional person    $15.00

   Rates below are for 2 persons including breakfast only
   First Floor apartment    $165.00 per day
   Ground Floor apartment   $145.00 per day

   Rates below are for 2 persons including breakfast + dinner
   First Floor apartment    $200.00 per day
   Ground Floor apartment   $180.00 per day

                                                          us < Click here to book Calibishie Lodges or for further information


 Calibishie - view from apartments

Location:--------Calibishie, NE coast.
Brief Description:-This recently constructed 2 storey block of the 5 fully furnished apartments is on a hillslope overlooking Calibishie village and a beautiful stretch of Dominica's northern coastline. On a clear day the French island of Mari Gallant can be seen with Guadeloupe in the distance. The upper floor has 3no. 1 bedroom apartments and the ground floor 2no. 2 bedroom apartments, each has living room with TV, bathroom, shower and a fully equipped kitchenette. The upper units have a south balcony overlooking the banana and  coconut fields. All have a north veranda overlooking Calibishie and the ocean.
Each first floor apartment will accommodate 2 persons whilst the ground floor apartments will accommodate up to 4 persons. Calibishi's stores, cafe and beach are a 15 minute walk. Proximity to Melville Hall makes this a convenient spot to commence your stay if you arrive late in the day and wish to avoid a long drive or taxi ride accross the island as soon as you arrive. Portsmouth 14 miles, Melville Hall Airport 10 miles.
Rates (US$):--fully inclusive
-----  ---------------------Same price all year
   First Floor apartment    $85.00 per day (max. 2 persons)
   (has one bedroom)
   Ground Floor apartment   $95.00 per day (max. 4 persons)
   (has two bedrooms)
   Add $10.00 per person for breakfast at Calibishie Lodges

                                                          us < Click here to book Dominica's Sea View Apartmentss or for further information


Pointe Baptiste

Location:------------ Pointe Babtiste, near Calibishi, N E coast.
Brief Description:--- An old estate house of timber construction and a small studio cottage on a 25 acre coastal estate by a sheltered and secluded beach. Generous north east terrace overlooks the Guadeloupe Channel. The lounge/ dining room/ library is furnished in colonial style. 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Kitchen and utility. The main house comes with complementary cook, maid and laundry service. Telephone, radio but no TV. Stand fans but no A/C. Studio Cottage has one bedsit room + kitchenette, toilet, shower and a small balcony. Manager is French. 1 mile east of Calibishie village. Portsmouth 15 miles, Melville Hall Airport 9 miles.
Room Rates (US$):  fully inclusive   last updated - July 2008

 High Season (16 Dec - 15 Apr)  per day   per week
 Main house-for up to 6 persons  $350.00  $2,100.00
 each additional person (max. 2)   $20.00  
 Studio Cottage for 1 or 2 persons  $110.00    $660.00

 Low Season (16 Apr - 15 Dec)  per day   per week
 Main house-for up to 6 persons  $270.00  $1,620.00
 each additional person (max. 2)   $20.00  
 Studio Cottage for 1 or 2 persons   $90.00    $540.00

                                                          us < Click here to book Pointe Baptiste Guesthouse  or for further information


Location:-----------Pointe Babtiste, near Calibishi, N E coast.
Brief Description:-----Beachfront property on 4 acres.


  Hodges View Cottage

Location:-----Dubique, approx 2 km. east of Calibishi, NE coast.
October 2014 update - sold and no longer available

 Sunrise Gardens

Location:---------Dubique, approx 2 km. east of Calibishi, NE coast.
Brief Description:---A modern 2 storey building offering two self contained self catering apartments. Upper Suite #1 has 2 bedrooms, one with king-size bed, the other with standard double. Lower Suite #2 has 1 bedroom with king-size bed. Both have lounge with futon for extra sleeping space, TV, radio, dvd & cd players, generous balcony with sea view, a well equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower & stand fans. Both 110V & 240V power outlets, wireless internet, complimentary cell phone on request. Laundry facilities. Barbecue in garden. A 10 minute walk to quiet sheltered beach and river at Hodges Bay and 20 minute walk to Calibishie village, which has grocery stores, bars and places to eat. On the way to Calibishie are alternative beaches at Red Rock Haven and Pointe Baptiste. Approx. 15 minutes drive from Douglas Charles (Melville Hall) Airport. Vehicle hire recommended for exploring the island, which we will be pleased to arrange for you along with your reservation.
Rates (US$): --fully inclusive
Summer 1 June-30 Nov   Winter 1 Dec-31 May

Suite #1
Daily             $90.00                $135.00
Weekly           $540.00                $810.00
Suite #2
Daily             $80.00                $110.00
Weekly           $480.00                $660.00

                                                          us < Click here to book Sunrise Gardens or for further information



local beach 
Location:            Woodford Hill, east of Calibishie, north east coast
Brief Description:   A recently completed 2 storey building tiled throughout with each floor a 2 bedroomed self contained apartment. Open plan living & dining area with fully equipped kitchen. Cable TV and WiFi internet. Each bedroom has one double bed, built in wardrobe and stand fan. One shared bathroom per apartment with solar heated shower. Insect screens to all opening windows. Secure parking. Just a short stroll from the beach, known locally as Turtle Point. Woodford Hill village has some small grocery stores and snackets. There are some larger shops and restaurants in nearby Calibishie. Vehicle hire is recommended. Melville Hall Airport 15 minutes drive, Portsmouth 30 min., Roseau 90 min. Places of interest in this locality: Nearby Hodges Bay, Calibishie village, Hampstead Beach and the 20 min. trail to Chaudier Pool on the Hampstead River. The Carib Territory is a 30 min. drive south and to the west around Portsmouth are Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park plus the Indian River.
Comments:      Excellent value. There are only a few holiday rentals in Dominica close to a popular beach. These attractive introductory rates will be available for all advance bookings taken by Nature Island Destinations until further notice.
Rates (US$):  fully inclusive of tax and service
               per day (min. stay 5 days) 
    Apartment for 1 or 2 persons     $70.00
    Each extra person                $10.00
    Extra person charge applies to both adults and children
high speed WiFi internet is available for guests with their own laptop pc

contact us < Click here for further information and to book LaTye Cottage

NEW - JUNE 2011
  Coffee River Cottage

Location:            Melville Hall Estate, north east coast. 
Brief Description:   Steve & Sandra migrated from Canada in 1996 to make Dominica their new home. They purchased 5 acres of a banana plantation bordering a river on which they built their home. More recently they completed the first of 2 cottages, to accommodate visitors to Dominica. The cottage is well designed and constructed, tastefully finished and furnished. Open dining area, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and 2 open plan upstairs bedrooms. 1st Bedroom has 2 single single beds, 2nd bedroom has a double bed. Hot water. What makes this venue so special is the tranquil location, crystal clear river in which to bathe and the beautifully spacious garden, decorated with flowering shrubs, an array of colourful flowers, organically grown fruit and a lawned area with picnic tables. This is the closest venue to Melville Hall Airport, approx. 1 mile, so a perfect place to start and finish your Dominica vacation, especially if your flight arrives late in the afternoon or leaves early in the morning. Places of interest in this locality: The Carib Territory is just a 15 min. drive south. To the NW is Hodges Bay, Calibishie village, Hampstead Beach and the 20 min. trail to Chaudier Pool on the Hampstead River.
Vehicle hire recommended - Portsmouth 45 minutes, Roseau 80 minutes. 
Room Rates (US$):  (no add-ons for tax or service)
                     per night 
1 or 2 persons       US$100.00
additional persons   US$20.00
for stays of 1 week or more - each 7th day is free
further info, pictures + advance bookings calendar Click here for further information, advance bookings calendar and images  for Coffee River Cottage


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Where to stay in Dominica - island-wide accommodation

around Roseau
Roseau Valley & Laudat
mid to north
West Coast
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