Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At
        World's End
3rd film in the Walt Disney trilogy
Pirate Master
a new reality TV series

both were filmed on the ex British island nation of Dominica,
"nature island of the Caribbean"

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

2007 release

Pirates of the
                    Caribbean 3 - At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean 
At World's End 


Geoffrey Rush as
Captain Barbosa

Kiera Knightley as
Captain Elizabeth

Keith Richards as
Captain Teague
                                                (Jack Sparrow's Dad)

Young-Fat Chow as
Captain Sao Feng

Kevin McNally as

Stellan Skarsgård as
Bootstrap Bill

hey Steve, seen any
                                                good breasts lately?
Johnny Depp as
Captain Jack

Bill Nighy as
Davey Jones

Naomi Harris as

Joe don
Jocelyn (Joy)

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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At World's End

The third film of this Walt Disney trilogy, starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom and a host of other well known and entertaining characters was released at the cinemas on Friday, May 25th 2007. Despite a plethora of negative reviews from pundits who are obviously out of touch with the general viewing public, it has, in just it's first 3 weeks, proved to be as massive a box office hit as the last one. I personally enjoyed it as much if not more than the last one and my two teenage boys are adamant that this is by far the best of the three. It is packed with action, has plenty of plenty of good old British humour, and the special effects were impressively well executed. I can't remember watching such a long film (almost 3 hours duration) and wondering how the time passed so quickly.

                                      cover.soundtrack cd.game

The two 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films that preceeded it were - 
1... The Curse of the Black Pearl
2... Dead Man's Chest.

  film scenes

As for the second film, "Dead Man's Chest", much of this was also shot at the same time, on location on the small, English speaking, East Caribbean island nation of Dominica, an ex British colony which gained it's independence in 1978 and is now widely regarded as "The Nature Island of the Caribbean".

Captains Elizabeth abd

Bootstrap Bill Turner and
                                      Jack Sparrow

The Plot, in brief

Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann join forces with Captain Barbossa, forging their way to exotic Singapore to confront the cunning Chinese pirate Sao Fen. A worldwide pirate alliance must be forged against the ruthless East India Trading Company. In the previous film, Dead Man's Chest, Captain Jack Sparrow was killed and sent to Davy Jones' Locker. In the opening scenes, the viewer sees that death has not been kind to Sparrow, though he has found endless ways to amuse himself, cavorting with dozens of hallucinated versions of himself on the deck of the Black Pearl. But Sparrow is needed in this world to complete the alliance and there is a desperate quest to free him and bring him back. Keith Richards' of the Rolling Stones appears briefly as Jack's guitar strumming dad, Captain Teague. Navigating through treachery, betrayal, iceburgs and wild waters whipped up by a ferocious Caribbean weather goddess, they must reach their destination to do battle whilst navigating a gigantic whirlpool and perform some magical maneuvers to break their curse. The other pairate captains provide an entertaining gathering, not least the overbearded turbanned Indian whose underwear is apparently several sizes too small. They inevitably complete the gnarly voyage back from the world's end with their wit very much intact. 


The Guardian (U.K.) - Pirates sail clear of Ocean's to keep top world spot
top of the worldwide box-office for a third week running.

The Times online - Pirates of the Caribbean III
Jack Sparrow waves farewell in a fitting end to the Pirates saga

Pirates of the
                              Carribbean 2 - Dead Mans Chest

reality television
filmed in Dominica in 2007
shown on CBS, CTV, SKY3 & Australia's Network 10 
  January 2009 update: now showing on New Zealand TVNZ

   The galleon - Compton Castle, anchored off Dominica's tranquil west coast

Yes, yet another Big Brother style reality TV show, but this time filmed
around the beautiful nature island of Dominica, in the east Caribbean.

 producer - 
 Mark Burnett

Pirate Master is the creation of Mark Burnett, the man behind Survivor, The Apprentice & Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? He wrote the show back in 2003 and it premiered on May 31st, 2007 on CBS. The 13-week buccaneer series, hosted by Australian actor/musician Cameron Daddo stars16 participants who all agree to go back 250 years, and become "pirates". 
It is set on the East Caribbean island of Dominica. 


Contestants live on a 179-foot-square rigger for 33 days while they search for buried treasure (gold coins) totaling US$1 million. The game is based, says Burnett, on a story he has devised about a mythical pirate, Captain Steel, who had divided treasure equally among his crew and buried it on Dominica. Each man returned to the ship with a map and these were all hidden in a chest with 14 compartments. The chest has now been recovered from the sea bed and the contestants, in two competing teams, sail to a different location each week around the island looking for the treasure. It's a mix of the mind games of Survivor and the extreme physical challenges of Burnett's Eco-Challenge, under a Jolly Roger flag. The adventures include jumping off waterfalls, swimming up canyon lakes, entering a snake pit and crossing swamps and jungle. The show's appropriate motto? "Watch your back." 

Pirates have their own rules, and while they need to work as a group on the expeditions, you never know who's going to stab you in the back. The wannabe brigands dress in period costumes, eat authentic food such as gruel (the officers get better rations) and are ruled over by an elected captain who assigns roles to the crew members and can be overthrown if he doesn't treat his crew well. Mutiny, anyone? Each week at "Pirate's Court" which is apparently modeled after actual tribunals, a player is cast off the ship and set adrift on a raft. The pirate crew is made up of eight men and eight women. Everybody's a good athlete, but what they've learned is that to be a great pirate, you have to be smart too. Half the loot, gold coins, is distributed to the players each week as they locate and bring back the hidden treasure. It's a lot of fun "as fantasy meets reality," says Burnett.
 pirate court

Nature Island Destinations is located at Macoucherie, on Dominica's mid west coast, and for much of the two months that the series was being shot, we could see the galleon moored down below us in the sheltered waters of Macoucherie Bay. Though we occasionally met some of the lighting technicians, we never saw any of the participants, even after they had been 'cast adrift' and expelled from the show. We thought that they might at least be treated to one decent meal at the nearby Tamarind Tree Restaurant before being sent home. It seems they were not that fortunate.

Don't be fooled!
Early episodes of Pirate Master featured submerged crocodile heads with open mouths in the Indian River and a pit full of supposedly deadly snakes at Cabrits. Please note that in Dominica the are NO crocodiles and NONE of our snakes are poisonous or aggressive - visitors to our beautiful island have nothing to fear. Even mosquitos are less prevalent than in many neighbouring islands and you will find the locals generally very friendly and helpful to holiday makers. Tourist related crime is uncommon.

Indian River    Cabrits peninsular


Today, the pirate ships have been replaced by a dirth of cruiseships, bringing hoards of low budget day trippers to our shores.

  cruiseship day at Roseau

Dominica's pirates in the
                                      February Carnival
Pirates in Dominica's annual carnival parade through the srteets of Roseau.

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